Messages From Ramadear

I was to ask questions and Ramadear would answer in a way that I and the modern human could understand. The result is this book; Messages From Ramadear…a collective hope for humanity.


What began as a practice in automatic writing quickly turned into something bigger – much bigger. An entity named Ramadear started channeling the most amazing messages through me.

I asked if he was a guide of mine and he said that no, he was a guide of our planet.

Between Earth and Heaven

This is what this book is about: to educate and inform on a beginning level about the world beyond the physical realm where we, as humans, reside.


Learning about the metaphysical world can be daunting. Between Earth and Heaven gives you an overview of many of the options available to enhance or begin your life as a spiritual seeker. You can learn how to really understand who you are, what you want, and why you’re here by utilizing some or all of the tools described in this book.

We Are Not Alone

Everyone has pieces of themselves that they keep hidden from the rest of the world. I was one of those people. Usually, the hidden pieces are those things we’re not proud of or in which we fear judgment from others if exposed.

In my case, it was both.


Kristi has written an excellent and incisive summary of her life, and the growth and depth she has been drawn to. Each stage, from when she was a young child up to the present, has widened and deepened her spiritual development and awareness of who she is, and where she is headed.

From the Forward, by Dr. Jack Kasher

An Extraordinary Life...

I wrote this book because I think some pretty darn funny things, as well as touching things, have happened to me throughout the years. You might see it differently. What I’ve found when telling people my stories is that they spark stories of their own.


This book is a series of true, short stories about “moments in time”. We all have those moments when life hands you the best or the worst it has to offer. Kristi Pederson tells of her “moments in time” with wit, humor and sarcasm.

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