Kristi Pederson
Author / Keynote Public Speaker

Whether she is speaking about extraterrestrials, spiritual gifts, creativity or courage, Kristi believes compassionately in sharing her gifts and life experiences with others in an effort to help people heal, grow, and stand in their own powerful light.

Kristi has been speaking publicly for more than 30 years.

Kristi Pederson channeling an extraterrestrial named Ramadear!
Courage Contactee Kristi Pederson
From Kristi's Book We Are Not Alone
Narration by Kristi Pederson

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Kristi's courage in sharing such a deeply personal story is truly a gift to the world. She has forever changed the course of my life by giving such a rare glimpse into something experienced by few and understood by even less. This book (We Are Not Alone) offers its readers the courage to embrace every aspect of themselves, no matter where the journey has led them.
Angela Pennisi
Psychic Medium
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