Kristi Pederson

Author and Public Speaker

Kristi Pederson has worked internationally as a psychic medium, Reiki Master, Author and Speaker. She is the published author of two books, We Are Not Alone…my extraterrestrial contact, published in 2019 and An Extraordinary Life, published in 2010.

She has been a guest speaker on the Sound Bliss podcast from Switzerland and CeeJay retreats in Nebraska and is the subject of a documentary titled, Contactee which began filming in February 2020.

She has spoken at metaphysical and UFO groups throughout the Midwest, including the 10th anniversary UFO/UNO at University of Nebraska at Omaha, regarding her experience with extraterrestrials.

Whether she is speaking about extraterrestrials, spiritual gifts, creativity or courage, Kristi believes compassionately sharing her gifts and life experiences with others in an effort to help people heal, grow, and stand in their own powerful light.



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